This guide will provide brief and comprehensive instructions on how you can join our self-hosted chat server with Element on web browsers, desktops or mobile devices.

Web Browsers

This is the easiest way to join the server.

  1. Click the link, then select “Create Account”.

Element WB Step 1

  1. Enter a username and create a unique and strong password.

Element WB Step 2

  1. Complete the ReCaptcha.

Element WB Step 3

You are in! Make sure to introduce yourself in the Based Link Lobby!


  1. Start by downloading and installing Element for your desktop from

Element D Step 1

  1. Start Element and click on “Edit” under the little info sign.

Element D Step 2

  1. Select “Other homeserver” and paste “” in there, then press “Continue”.

Element D Step 3

  1. Now you can either create an account or login if you have done so already in the previous section.

Mobile Devices

  1. Start by downloading Element from the App Store on iOS or from the Google Play store/F-Droid store if you are on Android.

Element M Step 1

  1. Open the app, press “Get Started” and select “Other”.

Element M Step 3

  1. Paste “” into the address field.

Element M Step 3

  1. Press “Continue” and proceed to create an account or sign in.

Generate Security Keys or Files and Verify your Logins

Element will at some point prompt you to generate a security key or file which you have to save in order to restore encrypted chats if you login on other devices. You will also need these in the future as they can verify new logins.

Important Notice

Make sure that you store your unique password and security key/file in a password manager such as Bitwarden ( so that you do not forget your login data. Be aware that there is no way to recover your account if you forget your password, because we do not allow E-Mail or Phone registration on the Antioptic server for privacy reasons.