This guide will provide quick instructions on how you can join the Antioptic community on Urbit using Port on any Unix-like operating system such as GNU/Linux or macOS.

What is Urbit?

In simple terms: Urbit is a decentralized peer-to-peer network of virtual servers that seek to replace the internet as we know it with an autonomous and censorship-resistant alternative that exists on top of it. It is much more than that - but this explanation should suffice for the purpose of this guide.

Port: Access to Urbit Made Simple

Port is a client that has been released to make joining Urbit as easy as possible. The only prerequisite for it is that you have to be on a Unix-like operating system. If you are on Windows, I would highly recommend this article to access Urbit without Port:

Step 1: Installing Port

Step 2: Starting a Comet

  • Start Port and select “Start without an ID”.

  • Choose a name for your “Comet”, which is essentially a virtual server that allows you to access Urbit without a permanent identity.

  • Select “Launch Ship into Urbit” after Port has finished creating your Comet.

Step 3: Join the Community on Urbit

  • Once Urbit is loaded, select “Join Group”.

  • Paste ~daslus-pilled/dark-link into the field and click “Join Group” once again.

  • Once the Dark Link - our official Antioptic community on Urbit - has loaded, select one of the channels and click “Join Channel”.

That’s all there is to it! You have exited the MEGACORP-internet and are now part of one of the most unique places in the digital world. Make sure to introduce yourself to us.