Donate Cryptocurrency

This list provides the most up-to-date addresses which you can use to support my video essays, livestreams and the Antioptic chat server through cryptocurrency donations. I highly recommend Monero to make anonymous payments. Bitcoin BTC Public Address: bc1qpkfnjusll25jfu9lpekaxq5cgt45nczsvr4wy3 BTC QR Code: Monero XMR Public Address: 49vn5LQXhYiDZX2tKUDaBnihdjwarKPJR64qZZu9u1rAfFbcABHTwkueLsL8sL5rf1bPFM974qBN3DsekvLagVH1SyTE512 XMR QR Code:

July 22, 2021 · 1 min · Bob Doyle